Vision to reality

WhiteTec was created from the Haslach Group, which has been in operation for over 30 years. By realising visionary ideas, WhiteTec is able to tackle sensitive environmental and energy-related issues. For many years, WhiteTec has strived to use natural resources responsibly. Through innovative solutions, it has been able to meet this immense challenge. 

The management team

By combining his vision, experience, motivation, enthusiasm, and responsibility

Jochen Lippert has been able to implement extremely fuel-efficient internal combustion engines designed for the after-treatment of exhaust. His visionary concepts in the areas of exhaust control, reducing emission values ​​for combustion engines in ships, and power plants have attracted attention. 

For over 30 years, Helmut Haslach has been a driving force in organising the Haslach Group, a highly respected company renowned for producing highly complex components for the manufacturing industry and aerospace as well as for extraction/filter technology and sound insulation.

Through the contributions of Marita Haslach-Dann, the future-oriented Haslach Group has been able to take a leading position in the global market and continually advance the product portfolio, which now includes automotive suppliers, among others.
For many years, the Haslach Group, which specialises in air purification and noise control, has been dealing with the issue of environmental protection.


In close cooperation with the Group Haslach WhiteTec, relies on long-standing expertise to realise various projects.

The result is a perfect symbiosis between experience in the production of complex system components and expert knowledge of exhaust after-treatment and alternative power plants.

This partnership guarantees sustainable solutions that are customised to individual applications.

More information about our partner can be found at www.haslach-group.com


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