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Because of the compact design and modular structure, the modified CRT/SCRT system designed by Jochen Lippert is suitable for retrofitting nearly all engine types and power classes. Since 2010, we have been able to demonstrate this on a Dutch eco-tanker, which has received numerous international awards because of its environmental friendliness.

First biogenic, CO₂-neutral, baseload-capable thermal power station in the world!  
With a total of 30 baseload-capable marine diesel engines housed in containers, 12 MW of electric energy and 12 NW of thermal energy are produced at a central location in Neuss Harbour. The energy generated by the visionary thermal heating station park is used to supply 25,000 households and a heating terminal for tank containers with electricity and heat.

Sparky – the electric car
“Sparky” is the prototype of an electric car that can be electrically charged without a power outlet. How it’s done: “Sparky” has a micro-generator under the hood. This burns vegetable oil and even frying oil. “Sparky” is light (yet not Spartan) and can be operated as an electric car without the need for a power outlet. 

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