We make white energy from green energy

WhiteTec specialises in the development, production, project management, and distribution of exhaust after-treatment systems and environmentally-friendly energy production plants.

The company relies on the comprehensive technical and commercial expertise of its team as well as on the many years of experience in the established production partner industry.

With the clear objective of sustainably reducing pollution, WhiteTec is currently developing an exhaust after-treatment system that will considerably reduce the emission of pollutants from combustion engines.

The company will set standards in environmental protection and resource conservation and create a sustainable and economically viable energy infrastructure.

Currently: New regulations for shipping

According to scientific estimates, the shipping industry accounts for approx. 4% of all CO₂ emissions, 7% of all S0₂ emissions, and 11–12% of all NOx emissions. The international Marpol Convention on the Protection of the Seas has therefore decided to limit the sulphur content of heavy fuel oil to a maximum of 0.5% worldwide starting in 2020.
The increased use of diesel resulting from this has considerably increased fuel costs. Particulate emissions resulting from the combustion of diesel are seen as critical for the environment.
Because ship propulsions are currently designed for the combustion of heavy fuel oil, the optimisation of this combustion process and the implementation of newly developed filter systems are major challenge in the industry.
To deal with this complex issue, WhiteTec has developed a new system that enables the use of all vegetable oils without necessitating alterations to the engine – while meeting all emissions regulations.


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