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White energy

Current challenges such as the increasing importance of environmental protection and the reorganisation of the energy markets have motivated WhiteTec to satisfy customer needs in terms of an efficient and independent power systems with targeted solutions. 

Thermal power stations have proven to be a highly reliable, economical, and – considering the current energy mix – unavoidable technology. This decentralised production of energy in thermal power stations near the site of consumption has become increasingly more important.

A thermal power station is a modular system that simultaneously produces electricity, heat, and cold at the point of energy consumption. The combustion engine drives a generator to produce electricity. The thermal power station uses the exhaust heat produced for heating and warm water. The thermal power station thus becomes “power-generating heating”.

Using the principle of combined heat and power (CHP) technology, process heat can be supplied to a district heating network. Thermal power stations produce large amounts of electricity and heat with great efficiency with the goal of self-sufficient and economic energy production. The heat is used for heating purposes and to prepare warm water.
The WhiteTec thermal power station has a considerably higher energy efficiency (i.e. a higher overall efficiency) than the conventional production of heat (i.e. in a boiler on site and the separate production of electricity in a central power plant).

With its compact design and smaller footprint, the decentralised location of a thermal power station offers greater flexibility and economic advantages.

Natural gas is the preferred source of energy. However, bio-gas, LPG, diesel, various oils, or bi-fuel operation are also possible. Because of this high degree flexibility with respect to raw materials, the customer no longer has to rely on wind, solar, and electricity suppliers.

The equipment, including exhaust after-treatment technology burn the fuel used so cleanly that the legal limits or exhaust emissions are considerably undershot. In some areas, the measurement results are even below the irrelevance limit. The US EPA Tier 4 PM limit values ​​and the TA air limits are undershot by a considerable degree. As a result, one does not speak of “green” but rather “white” energy.

The overall efficiency of the units, which is up to approx. 90% is also high. These results have been achieved through extensive changes to the engine and the engine control.

Further advantages

  • Modules in different performance classes: 50–10 MW
  • Combination of up to 256 modules possible
  • Use as a control power plant possible
  • Fuels: Diesel, vegetable oils, bi-fuel, and up to 80% gas (bio-gas, natural gas, LPG) can be injected
  • Low noise emission: 49.5 dB

Permanent availability, marked reliability, and controllability allow for extremely versatile and flexible applications. Durable components, low maintenance costs, and long maintenance intervals result in low operating and follow-up costs.

Because of this innovative technology and continuous research, we are a recognised partner for sustainable energy infrastructure solutions and contribute to developing methods for the performance-enhancing combustion of fuels for current and future generations.


Our services include
  • Individual consultation
  • Detailed inventory and demand forecast
  • Individual survey
  • Project management
  • System planning and optimisation
  • Permit applications
  • Evaluation of economic efficiency
  • Turnkey delivery and installation of the entire system
  • Full-service maintenance agreement


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